Meaning of aftertaste in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɑːftəteɪst/

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  • A taste remaining in the mouth after eating or drinking something.

    ‘the wine had a bitter aftertaste’
    • ‘we concluded many exchanges in uneasy fashion, leaving behind a sour aftertaste’
    • ‘It has a sweet taste without a bitter aftertaste and contributes a relatively small number of calories when it is eaten.’
    • ‘Who wants to drink a shake that is tasteless, or one that leaves a chalky residue with a bitter aftertaste in your mouth?’
    • ‘Those with reflux also may feel like food is coming back up into the mouth, leaving a bitter aftertaste of stomach acid.’
    • ‘Drinking water after a snack will also help remove the aftertaste from your mouth and can help curb your desire for more.’
    • ‘I take it at night because it tends to leave a funny aftertaste in the mouth.’
    • ‘She sipped her cup of coffee, letting the strong flavor erase the foul aftertaste in her mouth.’
    • ‘Watermelon ice cream loses its taste after three days, and pineapple ice cream leaves a bitter aftertaste after seven days in storage.’
    • ‘One tester thought it had a bitter aftertaste, another said it tasted of coffee.’
    • ‘This is a major negative point as it leaves something of a bitter aftertaste on the lips.’
    • ‘Low-carb foods often taste different or leave strange aftertastes.’
    • ‘The strawberries were not visible, the chocolate not tasted at all, and the yogurt leaves a funny aftertaste.’
    • ‘She chewed the last of the ration bar and cringed at the aftertaste it left in her mouth.’
    • ‘It's made with slivers of carrot lightly marinated in mustard seed, garlic and vinegar, with a perfumed aftertaste.’
    • ‘The gently sweet fruit complements the food to perfection while the clean aftertaste refreshes your palate for another mouthful of spicy food.’
    • ‘Experts have described is as possessing strong vanilla flavours in the nose and distinct notes of molasses in the aftertaste.’
    • ‘However, the unpleasant aftertaste prevented me from adding this recipe to my all-time favourites list.’
    • ‘Served with dark soy sauce and tangy ginger and fresh chili and lime sauces, the dish leaves a lingering aftertaste on the tongue.’
    • ‘Frozen shrimp is spongy and dry in texture, with a bit of an aftertaste.’
    • ‘The heady aftertaste lingered just long enough for me to order another one to prolong the experience.’
    • ‘Desperate to purge the aftertaste, I devoured the accompanying capers, but it didn't work.’