Meaning of aftertouch in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɑːftətʌtʃ/


mass noun
  • A facility on an electronic music keyboard by which an effect is produced by depressing a key after striking it.

    ‘Likewise, expression and sustain pedals are here, along with a ribbon controller, polyphonic aftertouch, multitimbral capabilities and, in the ‘modulation matrix, ‘a choice of 12 sources and 38 destinations.’’
    • ‘All of the aftertouch now is the ‘standard’ aftertouch or channel aftertouch.’
    • ‘For another perspective on key pressure aftertouch, refer to experiments on the ERC.’
    • ‘Only way to get the aftertouch fully working is by following the procedure below.’
    • ‘I have aftertouch on the G2 key but don't use it that much.’