Meaning of ag-gag in English:



informal US
  • Denoting legislation that prohibits covert documentation or investigation of conditions in the farming industry (used chiefly by opponents of such legislation)

    • ‘a handful of states have introduced ag-gag bills that make it illegal to take photographs or videos of farms without farmer consent’
    • ‘Mackay says ag-gag laws may also be ineffective because of the determination of animal rights activists.’
    • ‘In New York a similar 'ag-gag' bill was announced later.’
    • ‘The press release maintains these "ag-gag laws" will "perpetuate animal abuse".’
    • ‘"The Canadian agriculture sector is committed to opening the barn door, not closing it, and 'ag-gag' laws would contradict that commitment."’
    • ‘Iowa, Utah and Missouri passed "ag-gag" bills last year.’
    • ‘Kentucky is the most recent state to throw out an ag-gag proposal following rejections in 11 other states.’
    • ‘In several states, harsh regulations known as "ag-gag" laws criminalize unauthorized photography inside these facilities.’
    • ‘She was on public property while recording the video, but ag-gag laws treat trespassing and recording on facility property as a crime.’
    • ‘The first-ever ag-gag prosecution, involving a woman who took roadside videos of cows at a slaughterhouse, was announced this week.’
    • ‘In Tennessee, where undercover videos have spotlighted chicken farms, an ag-gag bill is now awaiting the Governor's decision.’


1960s (originally in reference to a proposed rule restricting the release of information by the US Department of Agriculture): from ag and gag.