Meaning of Aga Khan in English:

Aga Khan

Pronunciation /ˌɑːɡə ˈkɑːn/


  • The title of the spiritual leader of the Nizari sect of Ismaili Muslims. The first Aga Khan was given his title in 1818 by the shah of Persia. The present (fourth) Aga Khan (Karim al-Hussain Shah), inherited the title in 1957.

    ‘It is the Nizari Ismaili community with Aga Khan as their Imam.’
    • ‘Other clients include the Princes, and the Aga Khan.’
    • ‘The three-year-old Gulch colt bred in Kentucky by his owner, The Aga Khan, won the race on Saturday.’
    • ‘Over the four decades since the present Aga Khan became Imam, there have been major political and economic changes in most of these areas.’
    • ‘Throughout his life the Aga Khan has emphasised the view of Islam as a faith that teaches compassion and tolerance.’