Meaning of against nature in English:

against nature

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  • Unnatural in a way perceived as immoral.

    ‘is a father killing his son not an act against nature?’
    • ‘The argument is ‘if this crime against nature persists and becomes accepted by society, you know what's next: bestiality.’’
    • ‘How do you deal with something that's against nature: It's been asked before, as all of us who are parents can't even imagine it.’
    • ‘"We oppose human cloning because it's against nature, " she said.’
    • ‘Hey, at least they don't engage in circumlocutions, such as ‘crime against nature.’’
    • ‘Anyway, it would be an offence against nature to put a slick and shiny, well-lubricated wok back on the shelf without it ever experiencing the slap and sizzle of meat and two veg.’
    • ‘It also condemned the practice of cloning, saying that this process is against nature and demanded that this practice should be stopped.’
    • ‘There were a few people who said they were cool with it, but they are totally outweighed by those who decry it as a crime against nature.’
    • ‘Is this a travesty against nature that we are doomed to repeat ad infinitum?’
    • ‘They ask this, as if it would be a crime against nature to stop at one child.’
    • ‘Soon, however, Chloe's parents help her to see Ruby's family for what they are: an affront against nature.’
    • ‘Among the founders, sodomy was universally condemned as a crime against nature.’
    • ‘For one thing, they regard defeat as an offence against nature.’
    • ‘There are sins against the church, and sins against nature, which is God's older and purer handiwork.’
    • ‘I can see I just interrupted what would normally be a crime against nature.’
    • ‘During the past 15 years, he has pursued a global reconnaissance mission to uncover crimes against nature perpetrated by the world's military-industrial complex.’
    • ‘It is self-discipline put in order the moment they commit the crime against nature.’