Meaning of against one's better judgement in English:

against one's better judgement

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  • Contrary to what one feels to be wise or sensible.

    ‘he persuaded me against my better judgement to join him’
    • ‘Despite this and against my better judgement, I said Lee could come round for a meal while I was out visiting my sister.’
    • ‘They are doing it against their better judgment.’
    • ‘I listened to the tape against my better judgment.’
    • ‘So, against my better judgment and riddled with naivety, I said yes.’
    • ‘So, I gave it a try, against my better judgment, it has to be said.’
    • ‘My wife Marilyn warned me not to do it, against my better judgement.’
    • ‘I even posted the lyrics, against my better judgement…’
    • ‘I was on dog walking duty against my better judgement.’
    • ‘I have just consented - against my better judgement - to allow my daughter to go on holiday abroad with a friend and her family.’
    • ‘Much against my better judgement, I ventured out of my warm flat this morning to browse round the local shops.’
    reluctantly, unwillingly, grudgingly, under protest
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