Meaning of against time in English:

against time

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  • With utmost speed, so as to finish by a specified time.

    ‘he was working against time’
    • ‘For a man so fond of speed, racing against time was probably a game that this Bollywood actor had no difficulty mastering.’
    • ‘She now faces a desperate race against time to raise about $5,000 to try to bring her son home to York.’
    • ‘Rescuers were racing against time last night to haul up a mini-submarine stuck 190 metres underwater near the Pacific coast before the seven sailors on board run out of air.’
    • ‘Printing blunders have left councils across the north west racing against time to make sure the all-postal ‘super election’ is a success.’
    • ‘Council chiefs know they face a multi-million-pound race against time to bring their housing stock into line with the Government's Decent Home Standard.’
    • ‘The conservative establishment is carrying out its rear-guard fight in the courts and mosques - a battle against time that is bound to fail.’
    • ‘Yorkshire League groundsmen face another race against time this year, after this week's deluge threatened to wash out the first games of the new millennium.’
    • ‘Moynihan, of course, continues with his race against time.’
    • ‘After a lull when almost everyone raced against time preparing to write an epitaph for the written word, there is resurgence in the reading habit.’
    • ‘And, like the species in the museum, they are battling against time.’