Meaning of agammaglobulinaemia in English:


(also agammaglobulinemia)


mass nounMedicine
  • Lack of gamma globulin in the blood plasma, causing immune deficiency.

    • ‘The gamma-globulin zone is decreased in hypo-gammaglobulinemia and agammaglobulinemia.’
    • ‘One would anticipate seeing more of this type of disease in lymphoma leading to agammaglobulinemia, either with or without bronchiectisis.’
    • ‘For the past 20 years, intravenously administered immune globulin has been used in the treatment of agammaglobulinemia.’
    • ‘This case is an example of agammaglobulinemia (the students were not given the diagnosis).’
    • ‘Pleural cryptococcosis has been reported to be associated with HIV infection, liver cirrhosis, and Bruton's agammaglobulinemia.’