Meaning of Agapemone in English:



  • 1 historical Chiefly with the. The headquarters of the religious sect founded by the Rev. Henry James Prince (1811–99) at Spaxton in Somerset in the mid 19th century, or a similar establishment run by his successor, the Rev. John Hugh Smyth-Pigott (1852–1927), at Clapton, London; = "Abode of Love".

    Both centres were associated with practice free love and polygamy; Prince's sexual behaviour in particular gave rise to a scandal and trial in the early 1860s when his licentiousness and that of his followers was condemned.

  • 2Generally. A community characterized by love, an ‘abode of love’; (in extended use) an occasion or situation characterized by the sharing of communal love or the practice of free love.



/ˌaɡəˈpiːməni/ /ˌaɡəˈpiːm(ə)ni/ /ˌaɡəˈpɛməni/


Mid 19th century; earliest use found in The Times. Irregularly from Hellenistic Greek ἀγάπη love + μονή dwelling, abode (from μένειν to stay, remain).