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age gap

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  • A difference in age between people, especially as a potential source of misunderstanding.

    ‘Despite our age gap and wildly different backgrounds, the husband and I found common ground in the band.’
    • ‘The difference in thinking caused by the age gap between the parents and children increased elderly people's loneliness.’
    • ‘Books that appeal across the age gap can help bring the generations closer together, something any parent of a Potter fan who has read the Harry Potter books themselves will appreciate.’
    • ‘It's a family day spanning the age gap and the old fashioned ambience brings people back year after year.’
    • ‘‘Let me ask you this,’ he resumed calmly, ‘what other reservations do you have other than the age gap?’’
    • ‘Why are we not willing to ignore conventionality and look beyond the age gap, seeking a more adventurous and spontaneous younger companion, one with more stamina and a sense of fun than an older counterpart?’
    • ‘Leach recommends such a pragmatic approach: ‘Don't waste much worry on the ideal age gap.’
    • ‘Ironically, there is a large age gap between his offspring, with David, aged 30, and Amber, 29, followed by Alex at 15 and Sam at 14.’
    • ‘There doesn't seem to be an age gap now (she might disagree of course!)’
    • ‘No sport can function without its adjudicators, referees or umpires, though usually, there's a significant age gap between those playing and those wielding the whistle.’
    • ‘He was 24 when we met - the age gap was irrelevant as far as both of us were concerned (but not as far as his mother was concerned, I might add).’
    • ‘Despite the age gap of precisely a half century - he and Bobby Robson were born on the same date 50 years apart - he was able to articulate how it was that the partnership gelled.’
    • ‘The younger prince remarked how it was a shame he and William never shared outdoor activities such as riding or fishing with their great-grandmother, because of the massive age gap.’
    • ‘Morris's father had been 54 when Morris was born, and the age gap must have imprinted him, for he would not marry until he was 57.’
    • ‘The nine-year age gap was apparent from the start as Ferrero, who entered the world's top 10 for the first time on Monday, ran his opponent ragged.’
    • ‘A girl of my acquaintance, cynical enough about Curtis's work, was watching a tape of the film, and the scene where they meet for the first time, and remarked that the age gap was too great.’
    • ‘The age gap between the youngest and eldest member spanned a decade the day I attended, yet the camaraderie they shared was evident from the first drill I participated in.’
    • ‘The age gap has been reduced to six to eight years and there are more foreign women marrying Shanghai men, another positive sign encouraging the registry office.’
    • ‘He couldn't care less about the vast age gap between us - in fact he loves me unconditionally whether or not I've got any slap on and whether or not I'm dressed to the nines.’
    • ‘His father was a sailor from mainland China, doing long-haul runs to Asia on the Blue Funnel line, and the age gap between the children mirrors that between voyages.’