Meaning of age of consent in English:

age of consent



  • The age at which a person's consent to sexual intercourse is valid in law.

    ‘One question, therefore, is whether the age should be reduced to 16, which is the general age of consent for heterosexual activity.’
    • ‘We need to reinforce the laws governing underage sex, carnal knowledge and the age of consent.’
    • ‘Since 2001, the age of consent for gay sex between men has been 16.’
    • ‘But, if, inevitably, they are then they may as well has access to the same level of contraceptive protection as anyone adult above the age of consent.’
    • ‘Homosexuals have the same age of consent as heterosexuals, yet divorce and contraception have only been freely available since 1995.’
    • ‘One has only to listen or read to any of the debates about an equal age of consent, or far more recently, the debate over the sale of the morning after pill from all pharmacies to realise this.’
    • ‘However they do not mean it, as is demonstrated by their opposition to an equal age of consent.’
    • ‘Unless it raises the age of consent, it would be vastly hypocritical to deny such a payment to older teenagers.’
    • ‘He was accused of having unlawful sexual intercourse with the girl as she was under the age of consent at the time.’
    • ‘It is further noted that equality of treatment in respect of the age of consent is now recognized by the great majority of member states of the Council of Europe.’
    • ‘If the real issue is stopping teenagers from having sex, change the freaking age of consent and then prosecute them on that ridiculous basis.’
    • ‘That view led Gorham to interpret the raising of the age of consent as an effort to constrain modern sexuality.’
    • ‘Western Australia refused to lower the age of consent for homosexuals to match that of heterosexual adolescents.’
    • ‘But the fascinating aspect is the lifting of the gay age of consent.’
    • ‘Two days after his arrest, the age of consent for homosexual sex was lowered to 16, bringing it into line with that for heterosexual sex.’
    • ‘In Tasmania and South Australia, the age of consent is 17 for all categories.’
    • ‘But he said he will not budge on the bill's requirement to report sexual activity by those under the age of consent.’
    • ‘I would think, if I could think, that the age of reason is sometime much later than the age of consent.’
    • ‘Well, I think it's a mistake to see the age of consent for such matters as purely a function of maturity.’
    coming of age, legal age, seniority, adulthood, manhood, womanhood, maturity