Meaning of age range in English:

age range


  • A range of ages.

    ‘pupils in the 5–16 age range’
    • ‘With a couple of exceptions either side, the age range is 25 to 50.’
    • ‘But the booming numbers are also at the upper end of the age range.’
    • ‘Changes in demographic profiles of women may also affect the number of abortions within a particular age range.’
    • ‘Only a dozen are men, but the age range goes from a girl of eight to a woman of 90.’
    • ‘The age range of users is wide; the collection of books and scores is rich and varied.’
    • ‘The age range of the crowd is diverse, ranging from the myspace Generation to the Greatest Generation.’
    • ‘External examinations would be drastically reduced for all students, with a much wider range of assessment to be used across the age range.’
    • ‘They had better songs but more importantly they covered a broader age range, exhibiting a shrewdness lost on later generations of Svengalis.’
    • ‘On the subject of age discrimination, the company I worked for had a change of managing director who decided that there were too many in the upper age range.’
    • ‘The age range was much wider, although the old seemed somewhat under-represented - but I suppose they are in the Lords.’