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Pronunciation /əˈdʒɛndə/

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  • 1A list of items to be discussed at a formal meeting.

    ‘the question of nuclear weapons had been removed from the agenda’
    • ‘When he had been Mayor he had proposed that Any Other Business be removed from the meeting agendas.’
    • ‘The meeting discussed the agenda for the games and a further meeting will be held at a later date.’
    • ‘I am more than content to discuss this issue further and will add this to the agenda for our next meeting.’
    • ‘Coun Stainton, who runs Ingleton-based business Status Volkswagen Parts, also claimed the council did not send him the minutes of meetings or agendas and if they did they were too late.’
    • ‘The British and Swedish findings have now been put on the agendas for the next meetings of the committee which advises the European Commission on food safety and the World Health Organisation.’
    • ‘Otherwise architects would be designing political systems, designing meeting agendas, designing teleconferencing equipment and the like.’
    • ‘Tyab says the student society is not receiving agendas for the board meetings and he wanted to gain insight into the goings on at the development corporation.’
    • ‘The council began the website a year ago giving details of council business - dates, agendas for forthcoming meetings and minutes of past ones.’
    • ‘The minutes of meetings, agendas, project updates and information about how Calne Town Council works are now all available online.’
    • ‘Some universities post the agendas of upcoming meetings and minutes of their open sessions once they have been ratified.’
    • ‘The organization also hands out draft agendas in advance of meetings, and supplies all board members with minutes.’
    • ‘To achieve these successfully a committee with properly notified meeting times and agendas needs to be put in place.’
    • ‘The cabinet has agreed to publish agendas before each meeting, publicly going into depth on the issues which will be discussed.’
    • ‘Paperwork and crowded church halls, agendas and committee meetings - not everybody's idea of fun.’
    • ‘Our meetings no longer have agendas or redundant handouts, because we don't need them.’
    • ‘Under flood committee rules, agendas for its meetings are not made public until after they have been held.’
    • ‘Darin Jewell drafted agendas for two meetings between Mandelson and the brothers.’
    • ‘Shareholders can use the opportunity to place items on the meeting agenda or to ask questions.’
    • ‘Mayor Graham Francis said the meeting agenda had been on display outside the town hall since Thursday.’
    • ‘He added that the issue had been added to the agenda of a full meeting of the deans of education this week.’
    1. 1.1A plan of things to be done or problems to be addressed.
      ‘he vowed to put jobs at the top of his agenda’
      • ‘the government had its own agenda’
      • ‘In most cases they raise the funding on the basis of their own agendas, plans and proposals.’
      • ‘Top of the agenda were plans for the Atlantic League designed to accommodate big clubs from the smaller countries.’
      • ‘Advocate for inclusion, but if they fail them in that regard, they should create their own programs and agendas to address the needs we neglect.’
      • ‘Critics are also right in suggesting that his policy agenda is somewhat bereft of concrete plans.’
      • ‘The next generation of Black leaders will need to address agendas more in economic terms than social or political.’
      • ‘It is helpful, for example, to take one of Weber's type characteristics and ask what agendas it actually addresses in a given setting.’
      • ‘I find… that my own plans and agendas are none of anybody else's business.’
      • ‘An optimal time to interview the patient alone is after the family interview has addressed the issues and agendas of the family members.’
      • ‘In and around Joburg, different entertainment houses have different agendas and plans for the Easter weekend.’
      • ‘McBean assumes a similar stance when addressing the agendas of his army.’
      • ‘Moreover, a new WTO round will have to address developing countries' agendas or they will not agree to its launch.’
      • ‘The second and third reflect the need to address two agendas, the patient's and the doctor's.’
      • ‘I have felt for a long time that, unless theatre addresses the public agenda, it will die.’
      • ‘And worse still for the government, the row has exposed the real agenda behind their plans.’
      • ‘A great day is planned with wining, dining and dancing top of the agenda and all are welcome.’
      • ‘These extreme situations provide an agenda for policymakers that students of strategy can address.’
      • ‘Kim Beazley put the plan on top of the agenda when launching his campaign last Wednesday.’
      • ‘Having just sown Kuttinger and Nantes carrot seeds on my plot, this is top of my agenda for the coming weeks.’
      • ‘Pay, independence and limits on the numbers of directorships held are top of his agenda.’
      • ‘A raft of football-orientated programmes will keep the game top of the agenda throughout the week.’
      list of items, schedule, programme, timetable, line-up, list, listing, to-do list, plan, scheme, syllabus, bill, card, directory, table
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    2. 1.2The underlying intentions or motives of a particular person or group.
      ‘Miller has his own agenda and it has nothing to do with football’
      • ‘Into their barren lives comes Aunt Miriam, a social worker with an agenda.’
      • ‘According to Harawira, the unions had their own agenda - closely aligned to protecting the interests of the company.’
      • ‘The various pressure groups which preserved these stories all had their own agendas.’
      • ‘He describes the effect that scientists with their own agendas can have on society.’
      • ‘Regrettable too is the tendency by the students to allow themselves to be used either by politicians or their union representatives with hidden agendas.’
      • ‘I think it is a problem for those who have an agenda in their own conservative party.’
      • ‘But little progress was made, not least because the teams went into the meeting with different agendas.’
      • ‘But what I wrote is probably more accurate in some obscure technical sense of reflecting my true agenda.’
      • ‘I am honest, trustworthy, caring, work damn hard and have no political aspirations or agenda.’
      • ‘But programs run by artists bring a different agenda.’
      • ‘And tossing in worn-out phrases about "imperialist" agendas just doesn't impress anyone anymore.’
      • ‘When the Government first began to publicly promote its agenda for full privatisation in 1998 there was a rural uproar.’
      • ‘He hastens to add that the film has no agenda "beyond alleviating an immense amount of pain that people are going through."’
      • ‘Your interviewer's agenda doesn't matter one bit.’
      • ‘There is no room for hidden agendas.’
      • ‘But underlying this playfulness there is also a serious agenda.’
      • ‘They don't want college students co-opting their fear, their agony and their misery in order to promote their other agendas.’
      • ‘Yet one suspects that there is another agenda behind his attempt to subvert the global uniformity.’
      • ‘It is this political agenda that accounts for the constant erosion of the democratic rights of the working class.’
      • ‘We have totally different philosophies and agendas.’
  • 2North American An appointment diary.

    ‘Alter people's agendas so that no two contain any common item.’
    • ‘We will be sending you a calendar of events for the entire year, which should help organize your agendas and allow you to offer your utmost participation.’
    • ‘Also included is an attractive leather bound agenda made with recycled tropical fibers such as coffee, tobacco and bananas as well as an executive brass pen made with recycled brass.’
    • ‘I can’t even write in my agenda the important upcoming dates in the school year because oh wait, I don’t have a schedule.’
    • ‘Refined and sleek, this handsome agenda cover slips easily into a jacket pocket or briefcase.’
    appointment book, engagement book, organizer, personal organizer, calendar, agenda
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Although agenda is the plural of agendum in Latin, in standard modern English it is normally used as a singular noun with a standard plural form (agendas). See also data and media


    on the agenda
    • 1Scheduled for discussion at a meeting.

      ‘the rights of minorities would be high on the agenda at the conference’
      • ‘Also, the Civil Defence chief has been continuing to place the issue on the agenda of meetings.’
      • ‘Ivory will again be a major issue on the agenda at the 11th meeting of CITES in April.’
      • ‘Plans to construct a wind farm are on the agenda for the September meeting of Ramsbottom and Tottington Area Board.’
      • ‘In this way, input from the public could have been put on the agenda of the meetings before any decision was made.’
      • ‘All members are requested to attend as there are a number of important items on the agenda for discussion.’
      • ‘This was one of the items on the agenda, up for discussion at the unit's AGM held recently.’
      • ‘The matter will now be put on the agenda for the next meeting of the Newry and Mourne Health Committee.’
      • ‘There were four points on the agenda of the meeting, held last Thursday, related to the sale.’
      • ‘All are asked to attend as a lot of matters are on the agenda for discussion.’
      • ‘It is thought business plans were among the issues on the agenda to be discussed at Wednesday's get together.’
      • ‘It was agreed that this item will remain on the agenda for the next meeting of the area committee.’
      • ‘It was agreed that this should be put on the agenda for the next meeting.’
      • ‘Respect insiders confirmed Galloway's performance was on the agenda at the meeting.’
      • ‘The main item on the agenda of the meeting is the contract and graded payment to the players.’
      • ‘There will be many items for discussion on the agenda and all members are asked to attend.’
      • ‘She added it would be put on the agenda at a meeting of the West Yorkshire Chamber of Trade this week.’
      • ‘The report is expected to be on the agenda of the next meeting of the conservators in July.’
      • ‘The parish council has put the subject on the agenda to be discussed at its next meeting.’
      • ‘Those and other matters are on the agenda for the meeting, which is open to the public.’
      • ‘They were high on the agenda at the annual meeting of the IMF held last September.’
      1. 1.1Likely or needing to be dealt with or done.
        ‘his release was not on the agenda’
        • ‘Celebrating St George's Day in April was likely to be high on the agenda, she said.’
        • ‘But deals are definitely back on the agenda, particularly among mid cap companies.’
        • ‘War is likely to be high on the agenda as entrepreneurs attempt to work out whether the conflict is good or bad for business.’
        • ‘The Martell Grand National is likely to be on the agenda in the future for Intelligent, but not right away.’
        • ‘He also told the taxi leadership that the deals were on the agenda of the Sataco board for finalisation.’
        • ‘First on the agenda for Gatti is likely to be a super-bout against Floyd Mayweather in April.’
        • ‘The question of a net limiter is likely to reappear on the agenda when the budgetary consequences of enlargement are felt.’
        • ‘No doubt, though, discussion of such deals is back on the agenda of investors.’
        • ‘Now, it has been put on the agenda to form an Amnesty Law to allow for the release of all political prisoners.’
        • ‘Domestic harmony is probably low on the agenda just at that moment.’
    set the agenda
    • 1Draw up a list of items to be discussed at a meeting.

      • ‘the council had set the agenda for the forthcoming summit’
      1. 1.1Influence or determine a programme of action.
        ‘he has set the agenda for future work in this field’
        • ‘The authors touch upon the importance of actors influencing and setting the agenda on biotechnology.’
        • ‘As a reporter, she has spent her life setting the agenda and seems determined to continue to do so in our time together.’
        • ‘By setting the agenda and influencing judgments, innovations become targets of imitation.’
        • ‘People talk about multinational influence in politics setting the agenda, and while this is true to an extent, it isn't the whole picture.’
        • ‘Coverage of juvenile crime can influence public attitudes about crime prevention programs and set the agenda for public-policy making and funding.’
        • ‘It has been a week in which the unions set the agenda more determinedly than at any recent Labour conference.’
        • ‘The first comprehensive survey of mountain Cloud Forests has just been published setting the agenda for a program of work to protect them.’
        • ‘He confirmed on Radio 4's Today programme that he did believe women were setting the agenda in almost every walk of life.’
        • ‘Too often, it seems, it is the ones determined to do the breaking who set the agenda and make the headlines.’
        • ‘The decision-making structures of all three institutions continue to ensure that the major industrialised countries, led by the United States, and influenced by their corporations, set the agenda.’


Early 17th century (in the sense ‘things to be done’): from Latin, neuter plural of agendum, gerundive of agere ‘do’.