Meaning of agglomerative in English:


Pronunciation /əˈɡlɒm(ə)rətɪv/


See agglomerate

‘Scott concluded his 1996 study by presenting his vision of a twenty-first-century production complex in which agglomerative forces accelerate through time as actors seek to increase the total stock of agglomeration economies.’
  • ‘The agglomerative, or grouping, schedule provided by Ward's method indicated a notable flattening of the curve of squared Euclidean distances after the five-cluster solution.’
  • ‘Its mode is agglomerative - discrete pieces of information are gleaned and corroborated through firsthand experience.’
  • ‘Any understanding of the politics of the world must therefore take stock of this agglomerative process and its effects.’
  • ‘The agglomerative tendencies of these industries are clearly evident.’