Meaning of agglutinative in English:



  • (of a language, e.g. Hungarian, Turkish, Korean, and Swahili) tending to express concepts in complex words consisting of many elements, rather than by inflection or by using isolated elements.

    • ‘The Korean language is agglutinative and usually regarded as a Uro-Altaic language.’
    • ‘The hallmark of agglutinative languages is multisyllabic words composed of linear sequences of morphemes.’
    • ‘The fact that Arabic is an agglutinative language with a complex affix structure involving prefixes, infixes and suffixes presents a special case for testing the general assumption of this study.’
    • ‘One interesting aspect should be the interaction between task and word types because there are many inflected verbs in the agglutinative Turkish.’
    • ‘As Finnish is an agglutinative language, it is not surprising that inflectional difficulties were shown to be the first impairment marker among at-risk children.’