Meaning of aggrandizer in English:



(also British aggrandiser)

See aggrandize

‘Upstarts, such as alpha-type bullies and despotic self-aggrandizers, are eventually restrained, as are overly selfish free-riders and odd-ball deviants.’
  • ‘This special status may have been limited to specific aggrandizers or to corporate groups in which the status of the aggrandizer was conveyed to his entire family or lineage.’
  • ‘Since Riverside represents approximately 600 years of use, however, why are there no other lavish burials of adult male aggrandizers?’
  • ‘Hayden's model of patriarchal aggrandizer evolution is not entirely consistent with the Riverside data and cannot account for the lack of wealthy adult male burials.’
  • ‘Thus, he is not running as a Self-Aggrandizer, as anyone who saw his video announcement can tell.’