Meaning of aggregate supply in English:

aggregate supply


mass nounEconomics
  • The total supply of goods and services available to a particular market from producers.

    ‘the aim of the tax changes is to stimulate the supply side of the economy and therefore boost aggregate supply’
    • ‘The US Federal Reserve moves further to bring aggregate supply and aggregate demand back toward equilibrium.’
    • ‘While the aggregate supply of land is inelastic, the output from land is not, even though it is subject to diminishing returns.’
    • ‘The aggregate supply of new public high-yield bond defaults, measured in anticipated market values, is therefore $7 billion for 2000 and $24 billion for the next three years combined.’
    • ‘If the economy produces faster than it consumes, or if aggregate supply (investment) rises faster than aggregate demand (consumption), then overall prices will fall rather than rise.’
    • ‘If aggregate demand is strong and aggregate supply is having difficulty keeping up then it provides businesses with the opportunity to increase prices.’