Meaning of agleam in English:


Pronunciation /əˈɡliːm/

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  • Gleaming.

    ‘his eyes were agleam with the intensity of his fervour’
    • ‘For years, you could find them regularly in the halls of Shorecrest High School, medals shining, black shoes agleam, trouser creases sharper than a regulation haircut.’
    • ‘His eyes are agleam as he jumps to his feet, brandishing the ball, and shouts, ‘I love… PACHINKO!’’
    • ‘The stately three-storey Georgian edifice agleam with intricate furniture comes complete with the ghost of former mistress Annie Palmer.’
    • ‘‘I'll be going to the other castle now, to give the other friends some powers,’ said Mystic, waving good-bye and magically flying out of the broken window, wing agleam.’
    • ‘Chef Humberto Molina-Segura bounces on the balls of his feet, eyes agleam behind wire-rim spectacles, introducing his food to first-time guests at Red Onion Seafood y Mas.’
    • ‘Bells you gave me, bells of victory, bells of merriment, yellow and green; cloches clashing, swaggering braggarts, helmets agleam coppery red.’
    • ‘But Stockholder's own creations easily held center stage, blazing away in the brightly lit gallery with plastic agleam and fake fur flying.’
    • ‘A decidedly diminutive parrot's head protruded from the pocket, ebon eyes madly agleam.’


Mid 19th century from a-+ gleam.