Meaning of agnatic in English:


Pronunciation /aɡˈnatɪk/



See agnate

‘Inheritance is based partly on agnation, and agnatic kin are theoretically all potential heirs to each other's livestock and other wealth.’
  • ‘In Capari I found that men generally exaggerated both their independence from women in decision-making and the significance of their agnatic kin over their affines and/or matrilateral kin.’
  • ‘Moreover, they are seen as typical of most other Macedonian and south Slav societies whose agnatic kinship structures have been the focus of many anthropological studies.’
  • ‘Companies are best characterized as being of diverse composition; some consist only of kin, others of members of a variety of agnatic groups and include nonkin.’
  • ‘Descent has an agnatic bias, as shown in property inheritance.’