Meaning of agnation in English:


Pronunciation /aɡˈneɪʃn/



See agnate

‘Inheritance is based partly on agnation, and agnatic kin are theoretically all potential heirs to each other's livestock and other wealth.’
  • ‘The stress on agnation in inheritance and family relations and the masculinity of labour in hill farming, tied to the apparent primary social significance of men certainly seem to position women as minor players.’
  • ‘Simic and Rheubottom's conclusions about the nature of women's power and authority draws on widespread prejudices in the literature that privilege the ideals of agnation over the lived reality of women in households.’
  • ‘Roman law distinguished between agnation (a relation through a male person) and cognation (a relation through either a male or a female person).’
  • ‘And even an unreal cognation was inferred from real agnation not based on blood: e. g. an adoptive child might claim succession under the edict among cognates if he had omitted to assert his civil law right as an agnate.’