Meaning of agonistically in English:



See agonistic

‘Models of interference competition, therefore, do not provide a satisfying answer to the question why foragers interact agonistically in such systems.’
  • ‘Clothing ideals were part of the larger social world in which social identity was agonistically nurtured and won or lost.’
  • ‘Also, they will foot grasp, lip-smack, nuzzle, gently grasp one another and sit pressed together in addition to agonistically responding to strangers.’
  • ‘To accomplish this I looked for adjustments to the singing performances of each male and determined if these adjustments related to the probability that the contestants would behave agonistically towards one another.’
  • ‘Yet, while he crafts himself as a colonial administrator, he simultaneously comes to be critical of the discourses and practices that surround him, becoming agonistically positioned by urges towards a welfarist (though not necessarily humanitarian) system of government which the financially strained central government will not allow.’