Meaning of agraphia in English:


Pronunciation /əˈɡrafɪə/ /eɪˈɡrafɪə/


mass nounMedicine
  • Inability to write, as a language disorder resulting from brain damage.

    ‘The pure syndrome of alexia without agraphia is best viewed as a ‘linguistic blindfold’.’
    • ‘Gerstmann's syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by four primary symptoms: a writing disability (agraphia or dysgraphia), a lack of understanding of the rules for calculation or arithmetic (acalculia or dyscalculia), an inability to distinguish right from left, and an inability to identify fingers (finger agnosia).’
    • ‘Eight patients with acquired agraphia were studied using the same writing tests and were compared with normal and brain-damaged controls.’
    • ‘A clinical diagnosis of alexia without agraphia was made and the patient was subjected to routine investigations.’
    • ‘We reported a case of an 86-year old woman with pure agraphia due to the left parietal lobe infarction.’


Mid 19th century from a-‘without’ + Greek -graphia ‘writing’.