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mass noun
  • 1Industry connected with agriculture.

    count noun ‘joint ventures in agro-industries’
    • ‘He said providing a boost to agriculture and agro-industries will continue to remain the prime concern of the government.’
    • ‘We must also re-examine those aspects of our policies that prevent a creative interaction between farmers and agro-industries.’
    • ‘The farmers were the worst hit because the Budget, which had talked of promoting agro-industries, had not talked about costs of inputs like fertilisers, seeds and pesticides.’
    • ‘According to the Ministry, agro-industries have been accorded high priority under its Plan schemes by providing financial assistance in the form of grant-in-aid to industry and NGOs among other cooperative and government agencies.’
    • ‘It concentrates mainly on agro-industry, high value-added agriculture, industry and tourism and.’
    • ‘Belgian companies have invested mainly in the chemical industry, non-ferrous metals, electronics, agro-industry, textiles and service industries like call-center, transport, and logistics.’
    • ‘The system has also to be integrated with motivation and training of farmers, and state-of-the-art agro-industry, quality control and marketing systems.’
    • ‘Concern is mounting in the country over continued low rainfall and its impact on the country's subsistence farmers and agro-industry.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Centre of the government's Ministry of Science is now training at-risk adolescent girls in such areas as tissue culture and agro-industry.’
    • ‘Eight Thai companies, meanwhile, currently invest in Sri Lanka, mostly in the Thai restaurant sector, gemstones sector, and agro-industry.’
    • ‘In addition, various governments have sought to improve agro-industry and fishery production, but success has been limited.’
    • ‘Thai Farmers Research Center recently reported that the export of farm and agro-industry products, particularly to China, is likely to enjoy accelerated growth.’
    • ‘To this end, the leaders said they will focus on cooperation on tourism, transportation and agro-industry sectors.’
    • ‘These tenants form a heterogeneous group, from very large potato growers owning hundreds of hectares in other regions, to small potato brokers and engineers employed in the agro-industry.’
    • ‘He noted that Zambia did not have the strong investors in the agro-industry and hence the need to attract more in the sector.’
    1. 1.1Agriculture developed along industrial lines.
      ‘580 dwellers from rural and marginal urban areas of Lima and Huancayo, 70% of which are women, have been trained in agro-industry techniques; 145 of them have started up a small enterprise.’
      • ‘This relates to the challenges referred to above and to encouraging consumers to use their ‘consumer power’ to stimulate biodiversity-friendly production and agro-industry practices.’