Meaning of agrobiologist in English:



See agrobiology

‘Our concern, declares Thierry Mercier, was to unify agrobiologists in all their varying shades.’
  • ‘The agrobiologist wine growers follow a vinification charter where some methods and equipment which improve quality are accepted.’
  • ‘Clive Pickett, along with others from Chelmsford, will be travelling out to Kenya in July to take part in this pilot scheme which will see hundreds of metres of piping laid to irrigate the farmers’ land while an agrobiologist mentors the group on crop selection and maintenance.’
  • ‘The monography is designed for the broad audience of scientists - ecologists, agrobiologist, soil scientists, - and also the practical workers engaged in questions of land management in Azerbaijan during land reform.’
  • ‘Yes, he understood the power of a seed, this agrobiologist, and in his lifetime he planted more than a few, knowing that many would not ripen in his span of years, or even his children's or grandchildren's.’