Meaning of ahead of in English:

ahead of

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  • 1In front of or before.

    ‘she walked ahead of him along the corridor’
    • ‘in qualifying he was fastest, ahead of teammate Prost’
    • ‘But they believed they were protected by a front line of fighters ahead of them.’
    • ‘Right after I got in front of the truck, there was another gap to allow me to move in front of the car ahead of me.’
    • ‘Spot fires broke out on the hills and ridges ahead of the main front, and quickly spread.’
    • ‘In a warm occlusion the air behind the cold front is relatively warmer than the air ahead of the warm front.’
    • ‘He walked a little ahead of her to his car, and conversation stopped for a moment.’
    • ‘Then a bit later there was this teeny tiny little woman walking ahead of me.’
    • ‘Some walk ahead of elderly and arthritic dogs, who are forced to struggle to keep up.’
    • ‘Adele walked quickly ahead of them, completely unaware of their friendly playing.’
    • ‘At night he searched for Estelle in the gardens for a routine stroll and there she was walking ahead of him.’
    • ‘Paul, wearing long robes, walks ahead of the horsemen and is flanked by two armed guards.’
    • ‘He walks ahead of me and I stand still and watch as he makes his way past a coach with a London address on the side.’
    • ‘Blake fired a cross in which had gone too far ahead of his team-mates in the box.’
    • ‘Ferguson stood at all times in front of the dugout, two paces ahead of his entire coaching staff.’
    • ‘He began walking back, figuring he was a little way ahead of where he had been earlier.’
    • ‘I was walking in Shotley Gate this afternoon and up ahead of me was a lady walking her dog.’
    • ‘She turned back around and broke into a jog to get to the front of the group of people ahead of us.’
    • ‘He ran ahead of Rob and stood in front of him, blocking him from continuing.’
    • ‘Megan had been so lost in her own thoughts that she had managed to walk a good few feet ahead of them before she realized what she was doing.’
    • ‘We walked down a steep hill, ahead of us the moon shone down on the waterfront.’
    • ‘Chelsea was, as usual, dancing along the side of the road ahead of them, singing to her idol's tunes.’
    in front of, before
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    1. 1.1In store for; awaiting.
      ‘we have a long drive ahead of us’
      • ‘On holiday tomorrow with a long drive to Glasgow ahead of me and then trailing round Ikea.’
      • ‘With a long drive to Kilkee ahead of me that evening, I opt for starting at Bolus Head and taking it from there.’
      • ‘We could afford no such luxury, since it was now early afternoon and we had nearly another hour's drive ahead of us.’
      • ‘With three or four days off in Spain ahead of me I am beginning to seriously doubt I can finish in time.’
      • ‘We had three nights and two days ahead of us to settle in and get to know the ship.’
      • ‘To say that we have a tremendous amount of work yet ahead of us is an understatement.’
      • ‘Thomas and his band have a very busy summer schedule ahead of them including a tour of Scotland in June.’
      • ‘Michael, who is no stranger to the management of golf teams will have another busy year ahead of him.’
      • ‘You still have quite a walk ahead of you if you arrive only fifteen or twenty minutes before the play starts.’
      • ‘After riding the trains, they still had about a fifteen minute walk ahead of them.’
      • ‘The next day we made it to the village only to find out there was a wedding on, so no porters were available and we still had a days walk ahead of us.’
      • ‘Then I realized he hadn't offered me a ride home so I now had a rather long walk ahead of me.’
      • ‘They had quite a walk ahead of them to return to the car they had left behind, but it didn't matter to them in the least.’
      in store for, waiting for, in wait for
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    2. 1.2Earlier than.
      ‘elimination of trade barriers came five years ahead of schedule’
      • ‘BT says it will hand over co-location spaces for trial ahead of the original schedule.’
      • ‘Well done, you've come into form at the right time ahead of a busy summer schedule.’
      • ‘They were out on a training run ahead of a time trial that was to be the opening stage of the Tour of Germany.’
      • ‘The company has started selling a new version of its product ahead of its original schedule.’
      • ‘She will next undergo psychiatric tests ahead of a trial planned for 2003.’
      • ‘What I can not grasp is the concept of a bus arriving a quarter of an hour early and leaving well ahead of its scheduled time.’
      • ‘It is now expected to be completed by October, two months ahead of its scheduled date.’
      • ‘This is ahead of a programme of environmental improvements scheduled to begin shortly.’
      • ‘The primary goal is to bring order ahead of the arrival of a UN force scheduled to take over in June.’
      • ‘It would be nice to have a reminder alarm set a few days ahead of a scheduled meeting.’
      • ‘The cell company is currently trialling its new service on the Isle of Man ahead of a summer launch.’
      • ‘We could then start to think about regulations five or even ten years ahead of their introduction.’
      • ‘Trials are due to start in January ahead of a full commercial launch by the middle of next year.’
      • ‘A coded way of saying that it is an expensive problem on which he will not make many firm promises a year ahead of a general election.’
      • ‘It was taped in May, so could have been taped two months ahead of the election.’
      • ‘Several media houses in Trinidad have also interviewed him ahead of his performance.’
      • ‘The final touches are being made to the stores, ahead of their first day of trading.’
      • ‘Thousands of new bins are being delivered to homes across Blackburn ahead of a new recycling drive.’
      • ‘It can often be a captain's duty to gee his team-mates up ahead of games.’
      in advance of, before, earlier than, prior to, previous to
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