Meaning of ahistorical in English:


Pronunciation /eɪhɪˈstɒrɪkl/


  • Lacking historical perspective or context.

    ‘ahistorical nostalgia that misunderstands cultural history’
    • ‘If we ignore the context in which thinkers lived and worked, and proceed in a sort of ahistorical history of ideas fashion, we are never going to understand why.’
    • ‘The attitude of the filmmakers toward history and society is ahistorical and subjective in the extreme.’
    • ‘But there are others outside modernity who live with selves that originate and are grounded in ahistorical modes of constructing the past - in legends, myth and epic.’
    • ‘First, equating activity at oral argument with participating ‘in the public life of the court’ is, well, quite odd and ahistorical.’
    • ‘Descriptions about religions throughout the book are invariably ahistorical, fail to inculcate any rational enquiry and singularly ignore the time and space contexts.’
    • ‘But that would be both ahistorical and way too pat.’
    • ‘But the worst offense is a tone of cheerful, sanitized neutrality so overwhelming that it actually renders the prose ahistorical.’
    • ‘The immediacy of violence and the reaction of artists were in some part ahistorical focusing instead on the universal and timeless viscerality.’
    • ‘And let's be honest, all that kung-fu fighting is pretty ahistorical.’
    • ‘It's collective guilt selectively applied, a concept of Original Sin limited to certain time-zones and complexions, and weirdly ahistorical.’
    • ‘As a classification, it is vague and ahistorical.’
    • ‘This is a profoundly ahistorical proposition.’
    • ‘That is one of the great nonsensical, ahistorical misconceptions.’
    • ‘If the economy is a machine - something built by human beings - it seems to have become, somewhere along the line, an ahistorical machine.’
    • ‘Both of these notions are simplistic and ahistorical, and I'll try to argue that they're shortsighted.’
    • ‘Colonial apologists have often used this ahistorical narrative to celebrate the advent of colonialism.’
    • ‘I totally repudiate all of my ignorant, racist, unfactual and ahistorical arguments above.’
    • ‘This, however, leads to an ahistorical view of the world, and could lead to poor diplomacy and bad policy.’
    • ‘Such ahistorical preconceptions suggest that the only good work being done is work that is completely new.’
    • ‘My reading of his work is that his analysis is somewhat static and ahistorical - though in other ways very astute.’