Meaning of ahistorically in English:



See ahistorical

‘He bolsters his argument with quotations about rivers, rings, and trees drawn randomly and ahistorically from different writers.’
  • ‘While Laurence may seem blithely, ahistorically optimistic, Frank sees the world through the bleak prism of the ‘old’ South Africa; and both perspectives, the novel would seem to suggest, are pernicious.’
  • ‘Today's audiences can hardly appreciate the ahistorically high standards to which they have grown accustomed.’
  • ‘Conventional celebrations of the cultural variety of Melanesia tend to employ ethnographies ahistorically: the decades between early and recent descriptive texts slip away as our attention fixes on the cultural mosaic.’
  • ‘This method of one-sidedly and ahistorically picking and choosing facts to fit a pre-determined political conclusion is as unscientific as it is intellectually bankrupt.’