Meaning of AIF in English:



  • ‘the AIF was formed entirely from volunteers’
    • ‘With their recently recruited civilian counterparts they formed part of the second AIF, ready for active overseas service.’
    • ‘With the outbreak of war in 1914 the Australian Government raised the first AIF for overseas service.’
    • ‘In the First World War he had fibbed about his age to serve with the AIF in France.’
    • ‘In New Guinea militia brigades held the gains of 1943 while AIF formations were withdrawn to Queensland to rest and re-train.’
    • ‘He and his mates were hard at work, preparing the new AIF camp close to the Suez Canal at Tel el Kebir.’
    • ‘It was a strange coincidence that the starting point of the AIF convoys should now become his parish.’
    • ‘He practised law for a short time in Renmark before joining the AIF.’
    • ‘When the men of the AIF marched across the Range they had no native carriers.’
    • ‘In Borneo two AIF divisions staged through the American-held island of Morotai to launch three amphibious landings in Borneo.’
    • ‘Following its withdrawal from Anzac, the AIF went through a radical re-organisation.’