Meaning of aiga in English:


Pronunciation /ɑːˈiːŋə/

nounplural noun aiga

(also ainga)
  • (in Samoan culture) a family.

    ‘she defies her aiga and elopes for love’
    • ‘Traditionally, communal ownership was by aiga and was controlled by the matai.’
    • ‘The largest kin group is the aiga, which includes all individuals tracing kinship to a common ancestor.’
    • ‘The entire aiga interacts primarily at weddings, funerals, elections and installations of matai, and family emergencies.’
    • ‘They may choose to live with one or more of aiga and develop strong ties with those in which they live.’
    • ‘We are very proud and staunch, and the three pillars of our society are aiga, village and church.’
    • ‘But he thanked people for the support shown to his "aiga" - the Samoan word for family - since the story broke.’
    • ‘For me, visiting the motherland is about aiga, or family.’
    • ‘This supplements what parents and aiga provide for their children.’
    • ‘The fa'a Samoa (the Samoan way of life) is entrenched in aiga or family.’
    • ‘The theme of "ainga, broadly defined as relationality" has, however been mentioned as a possible theme.’


Late 19th century Samoan.