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Pronunciation /ˈeɪlərɒn/

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  • A hinged surface in the trailing edge of an aircraft wing, used to control roll around the longitudinal axis.

    ‘Each wing has a single aileron surface on the trailing edge to control roll and two flaps to control lift and drag.’
    • ‘The other intuitive reaction is to attempt to roll the aircraft with ailerons to level the wings.’
    • ‘Put the palm of your hand against the bottom of the leading edge of the aileron at each hinge and push up.’
    • ‘He designed the world's first aircraft with ailerons.’
    • ‘A pilot turns an airplane by using the ailerons and coordinated rudder to roll to a desired bank angle.’
    • ‘Contrary to what one might think, the short wings and the four ailerons give only a modest rate of roll.’
    • ‘The left wing is now finished as are the flaps and ailerons while the wing tips are nearing completion.’
    • ‘It dawned on me the free-play I felt in the flight controls was an aileron gasping for air to push against as I leveled the wings.’
    • ‘There, stretching from the leading edge to the aileron hinge, was a crack in the plywood skin about an eighth of an inch wide.’
    • ‘Avoid adverse yaw by allowing the ailerons to streamline when there's no crosswind present.’
    • ‘In order to prevent student pilots from getting into deeps stalls followed by deadly spins, Thieblot created a wing that allowed the ailerons to remain effective in a stall, thus making stall recovery easier.’
    • ‘Probably due to flutter, an aileron departed the wing and the racer flipped over out of control and smashed into the ground.’
    • ‘He entered the fuselage from a hatch located between the flaps / ailerons atop the fuselage.’
    • ‘With a sliding hatch, nonsteerable nosewheel and the quickest ailerons of any four-seater, the Cheetah was one of the sportiest singles you could buy in the late '70s.’
    • ‘The rear two cylinders of the six cylinder engine were visible above the ground, with the rest below ground, Flight control cables were attached to elevator, rudder, and ailerons.’
    • ‘It sat on the trailing edge of the wings, preventing the ailerons from moving.’
    • ‘Airplanes turn while remaining aloft primarily by controlling the positions of ailerons mounted on horizontally oriented wings.’
    • ‘Eva Air landed in Los Angeles in one piece, with rudder, elevator, fuselage, trim tabs and ailerons intact.’
    • ‘Once the airplane reaches a high enough altitude, the water freezes, affecting the operation of an aileron control bearing.’
    • ‘From a distance, it was easy to see that while the aileron on one side was in alignment, the other aileron was sagging significantly.’


Early 20th century from French, literally ‘small wing’, diminutive of aile, from Latin ala ‘wing’.