Meaning of aim high in English:

aim high


  • Be ambitious.

    ‘must women who aim high be more hard-working than the men?’
    • ‘‘You must aim high - Irish firms must try to be the very best in our globalised world,’ said Mr. Cronin.’
    • ‘One who aims high for the future must not be concerned with present loss or gain.’
    • ‘Given the stunning success of the launch rally, the message round the country must be aim high and you can mobilise significant numbers.’
    • ‘At the official launch of the York Museums Trust, chief executive Janet Barnes set its aims high: ‘the potential of the museums and the collections in York could and should be first class,’ she said.’
    • ‘Ms Kapwepwe aims high when she talks about changing the out-look of airports to compete equally in the region to boost the tourism industry.’
    • ‘It's not a great film, but it leaves you with some great moments and aims high.’
    • ‘Spokesman Charles Rollinson said: ‘We are aiming high.’’
    • ‘I won't make any rash predictions, but we will be aiming high.’
    • ‘Though they just graduated from middle school, that doesn't stop these girls from aiming high career-wise.… the girls say they are interested in continuing in law enforcement.’
    • ‘The veteran defender said: ‘I'm sure the club will be aiming high, especially after the euphoria of promotion last year.’’