Meaning of air-gapped in English:



  • (of a computer) having no direct connection to the internet or to any other computer that is connected to the internet, for security reasons.

    ‘a USB drive or other hardware approach would be required to infect the air-gapped machine’
    • ‘Security scanners would not pick up on the attack; machines, even air-gapped ones, could be targeted.’
    • ‘Governments use such "air-gapped" networks to reduce the chance an external attack will be successful.’
    • ‘There are other examples of air-gapped systems being infected.’
    • ‘Criminal groups commonly target 'air gapped' machines with malware delivered via USB stick.’
    • ‘A cyber-security expert says that his "air-gapped" computers have exchanged malware through ultrasound.’
    • ‘Air-gapped systems are used in situations that demand high security because they make siphoning data from them difficult.’