Meaning of air-kiss in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛːkɪs/


[with object]
  • Purse the lips as if kissing (someone), without making contact.

    ‘the media crowd who lunch, gossip, and air-kiss one another’
    • ‘In Paris, where he keeps a flat and several relatives, he bobs from bar to bar, air-kissing girls and gossiping with old restaurant hands.’
    • ‘Lizzie air-kissed her and walked in the apartment with Mark.’
    • ‘My mom was reading a romance novel in the kitchen when I arrived home, promptly air-kissed me and asked how my work was.’
    • ‘Maxine leaned forward and air-kissed her, and Chloe dutifully reciprocated.’
    • ‘She air-kissed us, which from anyone else would've been completely moronic but from her was kind of sweet.’
    • ‘Usually my compromise is to air-kiss them (ie go ‘mwah’ close to the cheek), or simply touch my cheek to theirs.’
    • ‘Lizzie greeted him with a heavy French accent as she air-kissed Mark. ‘Who's your friend?’
    • ‘Spectrum Fine Art is shunning the usual launch party etiquette by banning guests from air-kissing and calling each other ‘darling’.’
    • ‘They wouldn't have been big on air-kissing in working-class, coal-mining Pontypridd, where he grew up.’
    • ‘Some people are only up for an elaborate piece of mime, also known as air-kissing.’
    • ‘It's gratifying to know that the two have air-kissed and made up.’
    • ‘Most of the ‘socialites for charity’ brigade throws glitzy dinners to raise money, where social butterflies wave about their diamond-laden hands as they air-kiss with glee and circulate, leaving behind a trail of expensive perfume.’
    • ‘Students with upper crust English accents and preppy shirts air-kiss before descending on Edinburgh's Rick's Bar for cocktails.’
    • ‘Apply Vaseline to your lips wherever and whenever, and air-kiss at any occasion.’
    • ‘I cheat and air-kiss, which feels silly but frankly is all I can manage.’
    • ‘Guys and girls hugged, waved, air-kissed, and grudgingly slouched toward their classrooms.’
    • ‘‘Hola Señora Jamison,’ Brian greeted her, rising to grab her hands and air kiss her cheek.’
    • ‘At 1pm on a Sunday, in West London's fashionable Bush Bar and Grill, three women and five children congregate and air kiss.’
    • ‘If you like to mingle and air kiss your way through the crowd then you have a found a place to call home.’
    • ‘This is the original home of the beautiful people, where 60 year old men are draped by models, rich Italians air kiss everyone and 6 foot blondes are around every corner.’
    plant a kiss on, brush one's lips against, blow a kiss to, air-kiss


(also air kiss)
  • A simulated kiss, without contact.

    ‘the cheek-to-cheek air kiss’
    • ‘She stands up as I approach. ‘Hello dar-ling,’ she prominently announces so the whole restaurant can hear, next she expertly does the Hollywood kiss thing of an air kiss on each cheek.’
    • ‘‘I could not refuse such an invitation,’ Aimée said with a smile and greeted the girl with an air kiss to each cheek figuring Emily knew the French ways.’
    • ‘Melanie squealed as she rushed over to give Madeline an air kiss on the cheek, ‘I'm so glad you made it, and I must add that that outfit is to die for!’’
    • ‘I don't remember saying a thing, only monosyllables, till Mrs. Lawrence gave me an air kiss and walked away.’
    • ‘Cynthia was waiting outside of the piercing parlor when we arrived and she greeted us both with an air kiss and then led us inside.’
    • ‘Rising from her seat, Ally presses her cheek to Dawn's, effectively giving her an air kiss.’
    • ‘Renée spied her across the runway and quickly crossed to her for the prerequisite double-cheek air kiss.’
    • ‘There is no false air kiss when we're introduced, more a nod of recognition that we've both got a job to do.’
    • ‘We said goodbye, and he blew me his trademark exaggerated air kiss.’
    • ‘At the end of the meal, she gave them each a signed copy of ‘Passion’, squealed and planted air kisses on their cheeks.’
    • ‘The air was filled with the sounds of air kisses, ‘Mwaagh’ and ‘Daahling’.’
    • ‘People were dispersing, and air kisses being exchanged.’
    • ‘Since you won't allow me to kiss you, I'll just have to be content with air kisses, so here's one.’
    • ‘I followed Charlie across the room, having to make several stops that required us to make air kisses and comment on the weather.’
    • ‘Whatever you do, when dealing with hairstyle copycats, always remember to smile sweetly and throw lots of air kisses.’
    • ‘Madison and I exchanged air kisses and then she left for her date.’
    • ‘Everybody seems to be busy leading their own lives, and nobody seems to have time for much more than superficial air kisses.’
    • ‘While Grace retrieved her last suitcase, I greeted Roxanne and Kelsie with hugs and air kisses.’
    • ‘Marguerite Norton stood to her right, conferring air kisses and compliments.’
    • ‘The woman bent down and exchanged one of those condescending air kisses with Logan's mother.’
    air kiss