Meaning of air brake in English:

air brake

Pronunciation /ˈɛː breɪk/

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  • 1A brake worked by air pressure.

    ‘There was also an air brake gauge and emergency brake valve in the caboose.’
    • ‘The most common mechanical braking device was the air brake.’
    • ‘It has been determined that a trespasser riding the Burlington Northern Santa Fe train closed the air brake valves between the railcars and opened the coupler.’
    • ‘This section of the machine shop building is only half the height of the shop, and over the offices, open to the machine shop, there is an air brake testing department, and accommodation for the electricians.’
    • ‘After the war, Westinghouse devoted himself to invention, and in 1869 he patented the railroad air brake.’
    • ‘The conductor and several other employees aboard the train indicated that the appropriate air brake application had been made, but they varied in recalling the speed of the train entering the curve.’
    • ‘How can a person get air brake certification and not know how to check their brakes?’
    • ‘It had air brakes and 15 gears and was in good working condition.’
    • ‘He would also ‘bleed off’ the air brakes, thus readying the cars for switching.’
    • ‘Finally, with a last gasp, the truck hissed as its air brakes were applied and the engine shuddered to a halt.’
    • ‘In a roadside emergency, patrolmen would use a hand-held controller to activate the device, which now sits behind the cab of a tractor trailer, to deploy the air brakes and bring the car to a screeching halt.’
    • ‘He then reduced engine power and opened up the air brakes.’
    • ‘It carries three times the payload of consumer pick-up trucks, is all-wheel drive, uses air brakes for unmatched stopping ability and offers towing, dumping and tilt tray capability.’
    • ‘‘Drivers need to think how they approach horses and how the unnecessary use of horns and air brakes can make them jump and cause accidents,’ she said.’
    • ‘A brake monitoring feature will measure brake pad wear, check for adjustment and air leakage - a major concern with air brakes.’
    • ‘Outside, the church bus rumbled to a stop, air brakes wheezing.’
    • ‘Another hiss and squeal signaled the release of the air brakes.’
    • ‘Two hours later, Truck 128's air brakes hissed as Morgan pulled the long rig into the station.’
    • ‘And that's reasonable, because you have air brakes, and do you know how they work?’
    • ‘The bus pulls out with a whining of the motor, stops at a stoplight with the screech of air brakes, and then something wonderful may happen.’
  • 2A movable flap or other device on an aircraft to reduce its speed.

    ‘The large air brake, which is used in landing and in combat manoeuvres, is located on top of the fuselage.’
    • ‘The plane still retained its original British air brake system and this caused Lyle problems during ground operations.’
    • ‘It is to be remembered, incidentally, that these flaps are not air brakes.’
    • ‘It had a spade control grip, air brakes, and all those other little English touches,’
    • ‘The British systems had been Americanized and the air brakes replaced.’
    • ‘My last mile was dramatised by gliders, winched up for their 15 minutes of circling, before angling down steep, air brakes out, for the tricky landing on the short Carlton Bank runway.’