Meaning of air con in English:

air con


mass noun
  • ‘Why then do I always get frostbite when I have the air con or climate control on?’
    • ‘But given that my air con was broken and the room was an oven, when I woke at 6am after maybe 3.5 hours sleep I could not fall back to sleep.’
    • ‘I bought two more fleeces (its cold at work, the air con is frightening), two t-shirts, some more spiral bound notebooks for studying and some more seeds.’
    • ‘75000 square kilometres of ductwork to funnel the air con.’
    • ‘This morning it's very hot, even at this early hour, we had the fan on at home and now I've got the air con going in the office which will take the edge of the heat but it never gets that cool in here.’
    • ‘For singers, the air con can be the kiss of death.’
    • ‘I think the air con at work would just about finish me off.’
    • ‘The air con has been frosty, the food okay, the coffee a revelation, and the people pretty friendly.’
    • ‘Well things are going ok here, not done any work yet, it is far too hot, the air con is broken and all in all, there are no ladies.’
    • ‘The air con has recently been upgraded and there's a pool to cool off in during the day.’
    • ‘The downside is of course that you may end up being boiled to death if the air con fails.’
    • ‘According to British-based research, more than a third of all motorists admit to never using their air con out of the summer months.’
    • ‘We had to sit in the car, in our suits, without the car running for the air con as we can't allow any noise.’
    • ‘Oh, its because the air con isn't working right now.’
    • ‘We unpacked in our chalet and decided the best place to be was in the car with the air con on.’
    • ‘In short we all just put together a lifestyle plan that involves darting from air con to air con - or at the very least one of those big industrial fans.’
    • ‘We learnt to rely on air con, flyscreens and the enormous fridge full of cooling drinks.’
    • ‘Hard to beat value - newly built, spacious, clean rooms, with two double beds in each plus ensuite bathroom (with actual bath) - $8 with fan, $10 with air con.’
    • ‘There is also a motor museum - old American cars are a feature of Havana, the tourists love them; Cubans would rather have something with air con and windows that work.’
    • ‘The heat nudged the thermometer at 42 degrees centigrade on Friday night and we've been alternatively sweating and cooling off under air con ever since.’