Meaning of air freshener in English:

air freshener

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  • A substance or device for making the air in a room smell fresh.

    ‘Mid West Road Safety officer Terri-Anne Pettet said drivers would receive reminders about the dangers of drink driving through car litter bags, stickers, air-fresheners and other materials.’
    • ‘When we plug in an air-freshener or spray something in a room, it's not so much because we want to experience an aroma - it's because we want to get rid of another.’
    • ‘By 6:51, I escape the thick fumes, sealing myself into another smell hell, the air-freshener biosphere of a New York taxi.’
    • ‘The luxury lavatory has even been embellished with an automatic air-freshener.’
    • ‘To make your air-freshener spray, first choose from any of the following essential oils, listed in descending order of their antiseptic powers: thyme, clove, lavender, peppermint, rosemary and eucalyptus.’
    • ‘Harking back to earlier in the week, I can now understand why the air-freshener spray in the toilets at work has ‘Do not inhale’ written on it.’
    • ‘For airborne nasties use the following air-freshener spray.’
    • ‘While Barry loaded muddy wellingtons and overalls into more bin-liners, Michael sprayed the workshop liberally with an aerosol air-freshener.’
    • ‘‘Put air-fresheners in the bathrooms and remove smelly football boots and socks from the bedrooms,’ said Gallagher.’
    • ‘The yulan belongs to the magnolia family and in addition to being a popular subject of Chinese watercolor paintings, the fragrant flower is often used as an air-freshener and for offerings to deities in temples.’
    • ‘I grabbed the air-freshener and began reciting in this goofy TV announcer voice Pete and I used to do: Eliminates odors!’
    • ‘Swiftly, she hid the remaining joints and doused the room in air-freshener.’
    • ‘An expectant sense of wonder flooded the car like air-freshener.’
    • ‘The fragrance of the facilities has been looked after with air-freshener.’
    • ‘‘Perhaps some air-freshener,’ I muttered as Ally inspected her nails in the front seat.’
    air freshener, deodorizer, fumigant