Meaning of air layering in English:

air layering


mass nounHorticulture
  • A form of layering in which the branch is potted or wrapped in a moist growing medium to promote root growth.

    ‘This tree can be propagated by air layering or stem cutting.’
    • ‘The Javanese propagate the trees vegetatively by ‘air layering’, a technique which involves making a parcel of soil around a branch so that it strikes root and can be cut off and planted.’
    • ‘He tried cuttings and air layering, with no success, and finally tried grafting it onto a related species from the Big Island.’
    • ‘Propagation can be done by air layering but patience is required as it may take a while before layered segments root and can be removed from the parent plant.’
    • ‘The Air Layering system, which is known to be a very successful method, traditionally, has been used only on plants that are difficult to propagate by seeds or cuttings.’