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air pollution

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mass noun
  • The presence in or introduction into the air of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects.

    ‘diesel exhaust and other forms of air pollution’
    • ‘Children are among the heaviest sufferers of air pollution.’
    • ‘Compared to typical offices buildings of the same size, the Merrill Center uses 50 percent less energy, thereby reducing air pollution.’
    • ‘Most materials were produced within 300 miles of the facility to reduce air pollution associated with their transport.’
    • ‘If petrol storage is not controlled the city may eventually face problems such as air pollution.’
    • ‘According to the World Bank, Beijing and Mexico City have the most severe air pollution of all the world's major cities.’
    • ‘The Environmental Protection Agency requires that many urban areas use oxygenated fuel, especially during winter, when air pollution is worst.’
    • ‘Coaxing more Americans into traveling by bike could ameliorate a host of ills - from gridlock and air pollution to the growing epidemic of obesity.’
    • ‘The city has already made great strides in line with international standards to improve the quality of its environment and in particular to reduce air pollution.’
    • ‘Technology for cutting air pollution from cars and trucks has made great strides.’
    • ‘Automobiles contribute to air pollution and sport utility vehicles consume more fuel than conventional passenger sedans.’
    • ‘When national incomes are low, air pollution is also low; but when incomes begin to rise, pollution increases initially and then declines.’
    • ‘Gasoline combustion causes both local air pollution and emissions of carbon, a greenhouse gas that might affect the future global climate.’
    • ‘Air pollution is so thick in the city that residents rarely see the sun.’
    • ‘There is consensus that air pollution is easier to control from large central sources such as electric power plants than from millions of individual vehicles.’
    • ‘Every kilowatt-hour generated by wind instead of fossil fuel prevents air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.’
    • ‘The authorities are considering a ban on all cars manufactured prior to 1990 in an effort to fight air pollution.’
    • ‘Environmental lobbyists asserted that air pollution is rising at runaway levels.’
    • ‘The traffic situation has improved, and air pollution has fallen.’
    • ‘Even today, a citizen here inhales as much air pollution as he would if he smoked 24 cigarettes.’
    • ‘Over the last few decades I've heard a lot of discussions, seen a lot of documentaries and read a lot books which talk about air pollution in our cities.’