Meaning of air pump in English:

air pump

Pronunciation /ˈɛː pʌmp/

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  • A device for pumping air into or out of an enclosed space.

    ‘An air pump circulates a continuous flow of air through the device, replacing any air that is lost through the surface's pores.’
    • ‘I'm not going to bore you with the details of what we did but I will say that I lugged the air pump and extension cord up from the basement.’
    • ‘A car is parked under our window and has a air pump attached to it which is left to blow up the tyres while my neighbour and his mechanic friends work on another car.’
    • ‘Those small shops comprising an air pump, a few tools and a tub of water, used to make a roaring business that fed many families.’
    • ‘The installation of an air pump and filter might have helped it live a little longer, but if it was of any benefit, it came too late.’
    • ‘You can fix your air pressure issues with the handy-dandy air pump located outside the building.’
    • ‘Half of this is spent on the tank itself and other accessories like the air pump and decorations.’
    • ‘The room is very quiet and the only real noise is the fan on the PC and the air pump on the fish tank.’
    • ‘Instead they began to actively investigate natural phenomena with the help of mathematics and an array of new scientific instruments such as the telescope, the barometer, the air pump, the microscope and the thermometer.’
    • ‘The crotch in his outfit can be inflated with an air pump.’
    • ‘OK… I'm gonna go get the air pump from Tate's room and then I'm gonna change for bed.’
    • ‘It was on the left, borne on a skillfully frame-mounted casting that relieved the boiler course of weight-carrying studs and balanced the air pump hanging similarly over the main driver on the right.’
    • ‘A type of ‘reverse bellows’ was the first air pump.’
    • ‘The main area of Boyle's interests were in chemistry but he had read of experiments conducted by von Guericke with the aid of an air pump and, knowing Hooke's skill with mechanical instruments, asked him if he could build one.’
    • ‘A tiny, battery-powered sounding device is placed inside this Spalding Infusion basketball in a cavity usually used for an air pump.’
    • ‘An airhose went from her suit to an air pump inside.’
    • ‘Also a motorcycle battery with a small air pump could also work.’
    • ‘This was done mechanically, using an air pump on a time-switch.’
    • ‘Pressure for filtration was generated with a small air pump.’
    • ‘Cycloid's answer to this dilemma is an air pump that monitors and maintains tire pressure.’