Meaning of air quotes in English:

air quotes


plural noun

  • A pair of quotation marks gestured by a speaker's fingers in the air, to indicate that what is being said is ironic or mocking, or is not a turn of phrase the speaker would typically employ.

    • ‘They do straight-up new wave, no air quotes or knowing smirks attached.’
    • ‘Mischa even used elaborate air quotes with her fingers.’
    • ‘Matt glares back at me, angered by both my comment and the air quotes I added around the word.’
    • ‘She paused to do air quotes around that one word.’
    • ‘I think that led to the air quotes.’
    • ‘Just because I am walking and my eyes are open, does NOT mean that I am (air quotes) awake.’
    • ‘He held his fingers up, making air quotes.’
    • ‘"Hugh you can stop with the air quotes now!"’
    • ‘In Nick Denton's nanopublishing empire, that last word is usually accompanied by eye rolling and air quotes.’
    • ‘"Air quotes" is generally what I use.’
    • ‘"My mom thinks it's pretty," Monisha said, holding up air quotes around "pretty."’
    • ‘"Well I've never met" THE ONE "," I said with air quotes.’
    • ‘Ryan even supplied the air quotes.’
    • ‘Don't they have (air quotes) "procedures" in LA for that kind of thing?’
    • ‘They are, in a word, (air quotes) "AC / DC," if you know what we mean.’
    • ‘When last we left these two chaps, they were discussing (air quotes) "high energy dance music in prison."’
    • ‘You've no idea how embarrassing it is to have to use air quotes when describing what kind of "conservative" I am not to acquaintances.’
    • ‘I received a complaint that my blog seemed too "happy" recently (air quotes are fun), so I thought I'd try to help out.’
    • ‘I can't imagine Ferris Beuller (air quotes) "jooking" on some other chick.’
    • ‘You know that that and, maybe a steaming cup of java from his official 60 Minutes (TM) mug is what keeps him (air quotes) "regular" in the mornings.’