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air rage

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mass noun
  • Sudden violent anger or aggressive behaviour provoked in a passenger on board an aircraft by the stress associated with air travel.

    ‘Road rage, air rage, work stress, etc. have invaded our society.’
    • ‘Judges have been accused of being too lenient when dealing with drunk, abusive and violent air rage offenders.’
    • ‘The government has formed a working party to collect data from airlines about air rage, in order that the phenomenon can be properly measured.’
    • ‘An aviation psychiatrist who advises airlines on the risks posed by air rage has revealed the threat of in-flight vigilantes is already being taken seriously.’
    • ‘Leading insurance firms are offering airline passengers special cover against air rage attacks after reports of violence on UK flights soared in the last year.’
    • ‘The airline recorded more than 230 cases of air rage last year, although it does not log incidents that happen on the ground.’
    • ‘It is the travel insurance for our times: cover against witnessing air rage.’
    • ‘Flight attendants are concerned not only about terrorists, but also about passengers' air rage if they're forced to sit and listen to someone else chatter for three or four hours.’
    • ‘I'm tired of road rage and air rage and explosions and death.’
    • ‘He ended up in prison for a trumped-up charge of air rage.’
    • ‘Opponents even suggest that allowing fliers to use cell phones could lead to an increase in air rage.’
    • ‘The safety of passengers and crew is paramount and we will not tolerate air rage in any shape or form, although such incidents are fortunately extremely rare.’
    • ‘There is air rage, delays, mechanical problems, over-crowding, excessive tickets, rotten food.’
    • ‘On whether air rage is a real thing or just something they like to talk about in the media these days: ‘It's a reality but not a big problem.’’
    • ‘Some also express fears that sky marshals could be tempted to become involved in less dangerous incidents, such as cases of air rage or drunken brawls on board.’
    • ‘The journey provides numerous hazards - aeroplanes carry the risk of deep-vein thrombosis, terrorists or other passengers with air rage.’
    • ‘Being subjected to unwanted interference in public places is becoming an issue and cell phone rage, along with road and air rage is on the rise.’
    • ‘When exactly did air rage become the new thing?’
    • ‘As for introducing mobile phones on aircraft, we are at something of a loss to explain how this idea is compatible with reducing incidences of air rage.’
    • ‘Foss examines the psychology of flying - air rage, fear, overcrowding.’
    annoyance, vexation, exasperation, crossness, irritation, irritability, indignation, pique, displeasure, resentment