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air strike


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  • An attack made by aircraft.

    ‘A few days later the enemy reopens the tunnel but a friendly air strike seals it again.’
    • ‘The New Zealanders again attacked the town of Cassino, this time after a massive air strike and artillery bombardment.’
    • ‘No amount of élan will save units caught in the open by a well-timed artillery barrage or an air strike using fuel-air explosives.’
    • ‘Before starting, Crombez asked for and received an air strike.’
    • ‘Two buildings thought to be insurgent command centers were destroyed in an air strike on May 13.’
    • ‘Preparations for an air strike would fare little better.’
    • ‘The second air strike by the Japanese was also a failure.’
    • ‘An air strike was called off because a lawyer at US Central Command was concerned about the risk of disproportionate civilian casualties.’
    • ‘They call in an air strike and the troops must quickly leave the danger area.’
    • ‘Nor could he offer any reason why the US military had responded by calling for a massive air strike.’
    • ‘Some, or all, of these could be used by the American military in the form of a surgical air strike.’
    • ‘A Marine spokesman says the air strike was related to the chopper crash.’
    • ‘It never surprised anyone when the US decided on an air strike.’
    • ‘From a tactical point of view the air strike was a disaster; for its victims it was truly appalling.’
    • ‘Seven soldiers were here just to call an air strike.’
    • ‘The President said the air strike could lead to a ‘general confrontation’.’
    • ‘Many units were pulled out for the evening in preparation of a full-scale air strike that was scheduled to last for up to twelve hours.’
    • ‘Found an enemy base, but unable to call in an air strike?’
    • ‘He's essentially calling in an air strike on his own position in hopes of killing the enemy.’
    attack, air strike, air attack, assault, bombing, blitz