Meaning of air terminal in English:

air terminal

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  • A building at an airport that passengers pass through before boarding or after disembarking from an aircraft.

    ‘people will be in and out of this air terminal at lightning speed’
    • ‘The airline boss also met other key figures from the tourism industry to outline his hopes for Lancashire's air terminal.’
    • ‘The air terminal for this small township is rather grand.’
    • ‘The country's first high-performance air terminal is being built in Indianapolis.’
    • ‘The development of the competing air terminal at Dublin Airport was part of the Government's manifesto.’
    • ‘I walked out of the air terminal to see a welcome banner held by a contingent of church members.’
    • ‘All went well until he was leaving but then, between air terminal and plane, he was arrested by the security police and sent to prison.’
    • ‘As a main international air terminal, there are regular flights to other Italian cities as well as further destinations in Europe.’
    • ‘It is the region's largest air terminal, and is conveniently positioned to provide access to a multi-national four-country region.’
    • ‘Smart new air terminals were opened to serve mass air travel.’
    • ‘Researchers have found that small, Internet-linked computers in the hands of airport workers may help unclog the nation's air terminals.’
    • ‘A strike would disrupt the processing of passengers and goods at the country's sea and air terminals.’