Meaning of air travel in English:

air travel

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mass noun
  • The action or process of making a journey by aircraft.

    ‘transatlantic air travel’
    • ‘air travel can be stressful and exhausting’
    • ‘The most important thing to remember about air travel is to never lose your cool.’
    • ‘With global air travel growing at about 5% annually, aviation remains a strong market for the oil industry.’
    • ‘That sense of vulnerability has prompted many businesses to cut back on air travel.’
    • ‘More efficient aircraft have allowed new markets for air travel to develop.’
    • ‘Given the increasing popularity of low-cost air travel, environmental groups have been savvy in their campaigning approach.’
    • ‘With up to 28 seats and room for cargo, it made commercial air travel practical.’
    • ‘Many people are persuaded to travel to different places because of the availability of cheap air travel.’
    • ‘He has money to indulge his favourite hedonistic pursuits which include first-class air travel, champagne and the culinary delights of the world's best restaurants.’
    • ‘Airline stocks plummeted, some to half their value, while transatlantic air travel came almost to a standstill.’
    • ‘Try to avoid air travel during a cold, allergy attack or bout of sinusitis.’