Meaning of air vice-marshal in English:

air vice-marshal



  • A high rank of officer in the RAF, above air commodore and below air marshal.

    ‘The ranks of air vice-marshal (rear admiral or major general), air marshal (vice admiral or lieutenant general), and air chief marshal (admiral or general) were introduced.’
    • ‘GRS contribution increases range from about an extra $7 per week for a corporal and below up to $21 per week for an air vice-marshal.’
    • ‘For those not really inclined to wear the stripes of an air vice-marshal, the computer does a pretty reasonable job of controlling the higher-level activities and allows the player to strap in to fly and fight.’
    • ‘By 1938 he was an air vice-marshal commanding No. 12 Fighter Group which, during the battle of Britain, defended the Midlands.’
    • ‘He was promoted to air vice-marshal in 2000 as Head Strategic Command.’
    • ‘He tried to say that the air vice-marshal sitting over there in the Stout Street defence headquarters is giving those personnel their orders day by day.’