Meaning of airbase in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛːbeɪs/

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  • A base for the operation of military aircraft.

    ‘Because they need the airbase and military base that he allows them to have there in return for turning a blind eye to his atrocities.’
    • ‘Military operations at the airbase also need to be kept separate from commercial use.’
    • ‘Generally, airbases were sited out of harm's way.’
    • ‘Topics covered would include everything from base-level planning to commanding the airbase in an emergency.’
    • ‘There is a military airbase nearby, so perhaps it is a secret aircraft.’
    • ‘It has been noted that the airbase at Cheddington was attacked by German aircraft during the time of the squadron move.’
    • ‘While this effort was a success, the event awakened the Air Force to the challenge of opening airbases in remote locations and drove the creation of airborne engineer units in the Air Force.’
    • ‘The force module construct for opening airbases is designed around five phases, which fall under Air Force purview, as identified in the list below.’
    • ‘Along these lines, senior Air Force leaders have acknowledged the importance of airbases to projecting airpower anywhere on the globe.’
    • ‘Current doctrine falls short of identifying how best to employ Air Force capability to open airbases.’
    • ‘Large anti-war demonstrations have been held in many cities, as well as protests at the military outposts, listening stations and airbases that litter the continent.’
    • ‘The new game finds our furtive hero having to infiltrate a diverse assortment of sites such as military airbases, harbors and secret government installations.’
    • ‘The dedication coincided with the 60th anniversary of the formation of the two French squadrons, who made RAF Elvington unique among the airbases of Bomber Command.’
    • ‘In Pisa, over 400 police were assembled to accompany a convoy from the railway station to the military airbase.’
    • ‘The plane, whose origin has not been established, has been moved to a military airbase.’
    • ‘So we are now looking for an airbase to base ourselves long term.’
    • ‘They said they were in touch with technical support at a military airbase in Lakenheath, in Norfolk in Britain.’
    • ‘He was taken into military custody on the airbase and questioned by Japanese police last weekend.’
    • ‘All these means of training can be put at the disposal of our customers, on-site or at any location the customer stipulates, including their overseas home airbases.’
    • ‘Additionally, this discussion serves as a baseline for better understanding the challenges with opening airbases.’