Meaning of airfield in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛːfiːld/

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  • An area of land set aside for the take-off, landing, and maintenance of aircraft.

    ‘By the end of June, excluding an emergency landing strip, ten airfields had been built in the beachhead area.’
    • ‘Meanwhile the 82nd was attacking rail traffic and found two Luftwaffe airfields empty of aircraft.’
    • ‘But the pilot of the twin engine veteran aircraft went on to make a safe landing back at the airfield he had taken off from.’
    • ‘In Gippsland the aircraft fly out of airfields of Latrobe Valley, West Sale and Bairnsdale to assist during fires.’
    • ‘They could have sent up fighter aircraft from nearby airfields, denying the Nazis a clear sky from which to bomb and strafe the city.’
    • ‘What if no developed airfields exist and only military aircraft can reach the theater?’
    • ‘Pilot error has been cited as the likely cause of a crash which occurred as a plane took off from an airfield near Keighley.’
    • ‘At first the airfield was a grass landing area and work had not even started on hard runways when the base was opened.’
    • ‘Rob taxied the Concorde to an unlit area at the end of the airfield and throttled back the engines to wait.’
    • ‘He started several airfields in the Los Angeles area and operated a variety of aircraft.’
    • ‘That runway is now called number one runway, and the airfield is called Heathrow!’
    • ‘The team performed their aerial display, then broke off to deploy their parachutes and land back at the airfield.’
    • ‘Forays were also made to Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Greece to bomb airfields and ports used by the Germans.’
    • ‘At 61, his hair is a little gray, but he still looks like he could jump out of planes and take down airfields.’
    • ‘This guy probably popped up from one of the little grass airfields in the area.’
    • ‘They can land on airfields of any category, including ground and water surfaces.’
    • ‘As our flight of ten cleared the hills west of the airfield, we caused a panic at the field.’
    • ‘It can fly off a ramp or an airfield and land on a field the size of a soccer pitch.’
    • ‘The meadow is now an oasis for wildlife surrounded by arable land and an old airfield.’
    • ‘And they had an American aircraft land on one of their airfields without permission.’