Meaning of airspeed in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛəspiːd/

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mass noun
  • The speed of an aircraft relative to the air through which it is moving.

    Compare with ground speed

    ‘Slowly and laboriously the aircraft gained airspeed as the needle crept past stalling speed.’
    • ‘Since we know our aircraft's true airspeed to be 120 knots, we have everything we need to solve the equation.’
    • ‘During take off, the computer will relay his ground speed, airspeed and height from the runway.’
    • ‘Then I raised the nose slightly, watching the vertical speed and airspeed reflect pulling out of the dive.’
    • ‘Begin with airspeed, and use the pointed handle of the true airspeed indicator as a speed bug for Vr, Vy or approach speed.’
    • ‘What's the fastest way to gain airspeed in a non-afterburner-equipped aircraft?’
    • ‘When my displays were restored, the aircraft maintained airspeed and altitude.’
    • ‘They can still read the altimeter and airspeed, and they still have navigation aids available to them.’
    • ‘That fact, combined with my slow airspeed, caused the airplane to start to settle.’
    • ‘It required constant vigilance for airspeed, pitch and rudder/aileron coordination.’
    • ‘This type of accident happens when a pilot tries to fly out of ground effect without sufficient airspeed or power.’
    • ‘You may be surprised to find that the airplane will hold roughly the same airspeed in a power-off glide at the same attitude.’
    • ‘In the realm of reverse command, less power is required for more airspeed, more power for less airspeed.’
    • ‘An airplane in a spin does not gain airspeed and its rate of descent is relatively slow.’
    • ‘Even modern airliners take off into head winds to increase the plane's relative airspeed.’
    • ‘With a following wind, a pilot could easily find his airspeed dropping below stalling speed.’
    • ‘The IGC file produced by the IQ-Compeo seems to record both the ground speed and the airspeed.’
    • ‘The plane's clamshell airbrakes at the back of the fuselage keep airspeed from rising uncontrollably during the dive.’
    • ‘For example a short A-frame is positive. High airspeed in relation to the turbulence is positive too.’
    • ‘Although the pilot decided to slow the rate of descent and airspeed of the plane, there was no noticeable reduction in the level of vibration.’