Meaning of ait in English:


(also eyot)

Pronunciation /eɪt/


British in place names
  • A small island in a river.

    ‘Raven's Ait’
    • ‘Isleworth Ait lies offshore from Heron's place and is one of the longest covering 10 acres.’
    • ‘Aits are typically formed by the deposition of sediment in the water, which accumulates over a period of time.’
    • ‘The Ait is 30 miles from the mouth of the Thames yet is still tidal.’
    • ‘Samuel Lewis's map of 1784 shows the inn in the centre of the Ait.’
    • ‘This is Benn’s Ait with Hampton Ferry in the foreground.’


Old English iggath, īgeth, based on īeg ‘island’ + a diminutive suffix.