Meaning of aiyoh in English:


Pronunciation /ʌɪˈjəʊ/


(also aiyoo)
  • (chiefly among Chinese speakers) used to express annoyance, pain, or surprise.

    • ‘how many times do they wanna ask, aiyoh!’
    • ‘Huh? Why she do that? Aiyoh.’
    • ‘Aiyoh, so painful, the only thing I'm feeling is pain!’
    • ‘The minute I left Starbucks, aiyoh, remembered that I promised my Grandma I'll buy sweets for her.’
    • ‘Often when I discuss a new urban development decision with family, friends and fellow Singaporeans - the most common conclusion is an exhausted: "Aiyoh, what can we do?"’
    • ‘Aiyoh, wrong timing to mention this.’


From Chinese (Mandarin): imitative.